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Roundtable: San Diego's Back-To-School Plan

A computer provided by the San Diego Unified School District for a distance learning distribution at Clairemont High School on April 21, 2020.
Bennett Lacy
A computer provided by the San Diego Unified School District for a distance learning distribution at Clairemont High School on April 21, 2020.
The San Diego Unified School District announces a plan to return all grades to in-person learning after a year long COVID-19 hiatus, an examination of California's utility bills show more than $1 billion in past due charges, and San Diego's city council ends years of gridlock on short term home rental regulations.

The Plan Forward For San Diego's Public Schools

San Diego’s largest school district announced a plan this week to resume on-campus learning on April 12 for all grade levels. The decision is long anticipated for parents who have struggled to juggle their child's education from home. County officials say they will work with the district to administer vaccines to teachers and staff before their return. KPBS education reporter Joe Hong joins us with details of the plan, and how it might bring an end to a distance learning experiment that has been linked to learning loss among some students.

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California’s Unpaid Utility Bills

The economic toll of COVID-19 is evident in unpaid power bills throughout California. More than $1 billion dollars in past due charges are being reported by major utility companies, including San Diego Gas and Electric. The financial crisis is largely due to the unprecedented economic downturn during the past year. San Diego Union-Tribune energy reporter Rob Nikolewski joins us to talk about the challenging time for customers, and what's being offered to help them pay their bills.

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San Diego Tries Again On Short Term Rentals

This week, the San Diego City Council approved the first step toward a comprehensive plan to rein in and regulate the proliferation of short term home rentals. The issue has divided local communities and city government for years with past efforts failing to materialize. KPBS metro reporter Andrew Bowen gives us details on the pending regulations and what they could mean for City Council President Jennifer Campbell, who is facing a recall effort in her coastal district.


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