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Wacky Comic-Con Moments: Rosario Dawson as Kevin Smith? Jack Black Sings!

Comic-Con has had its share of weird and wonderful moments, you know, those times when things happen that are completely unexpected and thoroughly delightful. Take the year that Kevin Smith got stuck in traffic and couldn't make his panel in Hall H. The 6400 people were disappointed to say the least but then Rosario Dawson stepped in. She was at the Con to promote a new line of comics and she had just starred in Smith's Clerks II . SOmeone asked her to take the stage in Kevin's place and, as you might expect, she was at a loss for what to do to fill his 90 minutes slot. At one point (see video) she was coerced into singing and later she got Kevin on her cell phone and let him speak to the crowd.

And since we're on singing... there's also the time Jack Black (who would also perform as part of Tenacious D at the Con) allowed Adrien Brody to convince him to sing his tribute song to King Kong. So enjoy these wacky Comic-Con musical moments. Do you remember any moments like these? Let us know.

Thanks to Comic-Con for clips for our news coverage.