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How Does Sub Zero Beat Up Superman?

Magic. No, seriously. Whenever people hear about Mortal Kombat vs. DC, the obvious question comes to mind: how do you put Superman in a fighting game? One of the enforcers of DC's law on Midway's latest edition of Mortal Kombat is Jimmy Palmiotti. Jimmy points out that, in comic books and movies, Superman traditionally has two weaknesses: kryptonite (the one everyone knows) and magic. "If you look at the Mortal Kombat universe, it is based in magic, so it kind of levels the playing field," he told me.

Jimmy wouldn't reveal the story of how these two very different worlds collide, but he believes that they "meld the worlds pretty well." And apparently, the two groups meet each other, fight a bit, and then band together to fight a greater evil, possibly taking a cue from GI Joe and Cobra on those famous episodes when they both turned their robot-destroying guns away from each other.

So, in the real world, how did this game come about? The answer? The marketing department, according to MK creator, Ed Boon.