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Madagascar 2 a Fitting Sequel Says Teen Critic

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Dreamworks)

By Lily Canones

Madagascar 2; Escape 2 Africa (opening November 7 throughout San Diego) was a story of the four animal friends, Alex, Marty, Melvin and Gloria attempting to go back to New York and going back to their old lifestyle of living within the zoo. Unfortunetly, on their way over to New York, their plane experiences some "techinical difficulties" and the four infamous, mischievous, penguins (as I would describe them) discover that the plane runs out of fuel. Their solution -- & crashlanding in Africa. Throughout the movie, Alex, Marty, Melvin and Gloria all experience many things. For example, they discover their true feelings for each other. They also realize the importance of friends and family relationships as they await the repairs on their airplane.

Madagascar 2; Escape 2 Africa (rated PG for some mild crude humor) was a funny movie with that touch of love revolving around the storyline. If you enjoyed the first Madagascar, you will love Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.


--Lily Canones is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She became a Teen Critic because she wanted to share her perspective and opinions on new movies. She loves horror movies and Asian movies. Most of the horror movies she watches are originally from Asia and she counts the original Thai version ofShutter as one of her favorites of all time.