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Pride and Glory Mostly Delivers Formula

"Pride and Glory" is another one of those films about good and bad cops fighting drug lords, but then joining them. This particular story is about a family of cops. The father was in the NYPD and has two sons that grow up to drive the black and whites. His daughter also married a man in a blue uniform. The son-in-law, Jimmy (Colin Farrell), is under the command of the eldest son. But Jimmy is dealing drugs and killing people behind his brother-in-law's back.

There is a lot of blood from cops beating people up, but at least in the end there is justice. The truth about the corrupt cops is discovered and the people take the problems into their own hands.

I felt that the movie was long and drawn out. There weren't many fight scenes. Sometimes hardly anything was happening and I lost interest. I felt like I had seen this movie before in others that have come out in the last few years, as well as "Body of Lies" and "Max Payne," which recently came out in theaters. There are several more that have the same underlying plot about bad cops.


Overall, I was not impressed. There was extremely foul language and every other word seemed to be the F-bomb flying out. It became annoying and irritating. I eventually lost interest with the whole movie. I'm not a fan of the overuse of foul language. I understand that this movie is rated R but still, the bad language is just overdone.

Another thing I didn't particularly care for is that how could the brothers not see what was going on with each other? How could the commanding officer not know that practically his entire unit was acting as if they were above the law? These cops wanted to run all this covert activity to get money and drugs. But for what? To lose their badges and honor? These cops sold their pride and their glory of being cops to the highest bidders. These guys loved nothing more than being cops, but what is the point if they really aren't being cops, but bullies? I didn't like this movie because I have seen this movie, or at least the storyline, way too many times.

In my Film as Lit class, we are watching movies within the film noir unit and I see even more of the same type of films made 20 to 40 years ago -- bad cops doing bad things to make a profit. This film is not one I would recommend people wasting their money on seeing. If you want to see the horrible justice system, then go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video and rent almost any other cop action movie and see the same thing.

Corrected: June 19, 2024 at 11:51 PM PDT
Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School.