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Trailer Tuesday: Underworld-Rise of the Lycans

Vampires have been having a good run with "Let the Right One In" winning over critics and "Twilight" scoring well at the box office. Now the werewolves rear their furry heads to challenge the vampire dominance. "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" is the second sequel to "Underworld," which was a kind of Romeo and Juliet of the mythical beast crowd. Kate Beckinsale is gone, I guess she's gotten too good for black leather bodices, but Rhona ("Doomsday") Mitra looks almost just like her but playing the new character of Sonja. But the interesting piece of casting here is Michael Sheen (yes the man who's played Prime Minister Tony Blair and TV personality David Frost) as one of the rebellious werewolves, Lucian. This marks his third outing as the werewolf trying to incite a revolution. Guess he didn't feel like he was above a vampire/werewolf action film. Or else this has been sitting on the shelf for a spell. Anyway, this could be silly fun and the effects should be good since visual effect man Patrick Tatopoulos is now at the helm. So which side are you on? Bloodsuckers or lycans?