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Trailer Tuesday: I Love You, Man

For a brief moment early in his career Paul Rudd seemed like his good looks might doom him to a career as a leading man in romantic comedies. Fortunately, directors began taking note of his penchant for comedy of a different sort with films such as The Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up . Now he continues in this vein of gross out comedies that have a touch of heart with the new film I Love You, Man . The title didn't intrigue me but when I saw the trailer, it made me laugh and Rudd was hilarious. The story concerns a man who's about to be married but has no male friends to call upon as best man. Apparently, he's always gotten along better with women. So the task laid before him is to find some male friends. The best candidate for this appears to be a character played by Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall . You can also seek out the Red Band version of the trailer for the R-rated one-liners. Trailer is courtesy of Dreamworks/Paramount.