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Land of the Lost Loses Teen Critic

Will Ferrell and company find a new friend in "Land of the Lost"
Will Ferrell and company find a new friend in "Land of the Lost"

Teen Critic Says Not Even Will Ferrell Can Redeem This Remake of the 70s TV Show

Remember the old Sid and Marty Croft TV show "Land of the Lost" with the rinky-dink special effects and bad ape make-up? Well believe it or not someone decided that there was enough of a fan base and affection for the old show that it merited a big budget Hollywood remake with Will Ferrell. So can "Land of the Lost" (opening June 5 throughout San Diego) possibly appeal to a new generation who never saw the old show. Let our KPBS Teen critic proved the answer.

"Land of the Lost" was a complete and utter disappointment. Based on a 1970s TV show, it concerns a scientist, a time travel contraption, and a strange "land of the lost" where things from various time periods all end up. Will Ferrell plays the scientist who accidentally travels in time to this land of the lost.

Normally I hate Will Ferrell and all of his other movies for the sheer fact that they are not funny. You can tell that he is really trying too hard to make people laugh. All the jokes and lines throughout this movie were pretty pointless but then so was most of the movie. The rest of the audience seemed just as disappointed as I was for having to waste two hours of their time on such a horrible film. A man claimed, “this is the worst movie I have ever seen.” I heard more comments like this from a large portion of the theater audience and I really do agree with them. I understand that this movie is based on a TV series but don't expect this to be a classic series turned into a good movie like they did with "Star Trek." In the case of "Land of the Lost" maybe they should have given it more serious actors and not put in as many ridiculous scenes. The whole idea of traveling into parallel universes is actually pretty cool but the way it plays out in this movie makes it totally lose it’s pizazz. No one in the movie took Will Ferrell’s  character, Dr. Rick Marshal, seriously and if a guy acted like he did then I wouldn't take him seriously either, and you need to take him seriously enough to believe that he could create a time travel machine. My friend that went with me to the movie hated it and wanted to leave before it ended because it was so bad -- and he loves Will Ferrell as an actor. If a Ferrell fan is disappointed by his movie then I don’t expect non-fans will find much to enjoy.

--Janeane White recently graduated from Mount Miguel High School.