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This Teen Gives Thumbs Up To Transformer Sequel

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Delivers the Action

“Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” (opened June 24 throughout San Diego) is an amazing movie! It was non-stop action packed and overall awesome. In most cases sequels in the movie business tend to suck and basically don't even come close to the originals. I loved the story line of the first "Transformers," and the fact that the robots looked so real. Now that I’ve seen the second movie I realize that it too is just as cool. It took a few years to make but once you see this film and the amount of detail put into it you will realize that it is a good thing that they took their time. Like the first movie, "Revenge of the Fallen" has a great storyline and keeps the audience entertained.

In this movie Sam (Shia LeBeouf) is off to college and claims that he no longer is involved with the alien robots. He says he is going to live a normal life but the day he leaves for college he finds a sliver of the mystical cube from his last encounter with the Decepticons hidden in his clothes. This turns all the appliances in the kitchen into little autobots. Bumblebee -- the friendly robot -- then comes to the rescue but in his attempt to destroy all the rampaging machines he destroys the house in the process. Then Sam tells him he can’t go with him to college. This breaks Bumblebee’s mechanical heart. It doesn’t take long but Sam realizes that he is still very much a part of the war going on and he is sent out to save the world from these evil robots yet again.

I loved "Transformers 2" and I think that it is just as good as the first. It was kind of long (150 minutes) but there is so much happening that you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Amid the action was a comedy as well. There were subtle little jokes everywhere and some scenes were just flat out hilarious. The difference with this movie is that it has scenes and jokes that are a little bit more perverted than the first one but this just made the movie funnier. I think that if you are a fan of the first then you will definitely like the sequel.

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, language, some crude and sexual material, and brief drug material.