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Trailer Tuesday: Pirate Radio


The Boat That Rocked

Pirate Radio Trailer

Well Halloween is over. (Moment of silence.) So I will now move away from horror trailers and provide something a little lighter and more fun : "Pirate Radio."

The first time I saw this trailer I knew I wanted to see the film. It's about a pirate radio station broadcasting rock and roll from a ship off the coast of England in the 1960s. Here are the irresistible elements to me: a classic rock soundtrack featuring The Who, The Kinks, The Stones and more; a group of people thumbing their nose at the establishment; and actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy rattling off zingers like "Governments loathe people being free." Set in 1966, the film looks to have a fun, rebellious spirit. In addition to Hoffman and Nighy there's also Nick Frost ("Shaun of the Dead"), Rhys Darby ("Flight of the Conchords"), Rhys Ifans ("Human Nature"), along with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. Director Richard Curtis has been homing his sense of comedy for years with Rowan Atkinson on shows like "Mr. Bean" and "The Black Adder." So this looks like a breezy, enjoyable ride before Hollywood gets all serious with its Oscar contenders.

Trailer is courtesy of Focus Features.