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Trailer Tuesday: Raging Phoenix


Are You Ready for Drunken Muay Thai?

Raging Phoenix Trailer

With "Red Cliff" and "Ninja Assassin" both opening for the holiday weekend, I had Asian action on the brain. Well okay, I always have Asian action on the brain. Anyway, here's a new Thai film called "Raging Phoenix" that mixes Drunken Muay Thai, break dancing, and parkour.

A friend of mine -- know my taste for Asian action -- introduced me to the latest film by Prachya Pinkaew and Panna Rittikrai, the director and action choreographer behind "Ong Bak," "Chocolate," and "The Protector." The film also reunites them with "Chocolate's" fem action star JeeJa Yanin. "Raging Phoenix" tries to have a plot and even tries to make it one with social significance. It uses the kidnapping of women in Thailand as a hook for a plot that essentially just sets up the need for a lot of fighting. What's cool here is the mix of Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) with break dancing and parkour (extreme running). The result is exhilarating action. There's even Drunken Muay Thai to make the mix even more intoxicating. The trailer gives you a taste of the fun. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for Asian action like "Raging Phoenix" and John Woo's "Red Cliff." They really accentuate the motion in motion pictures. Enjoy!