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Mobile Ticketing

Mobile Ticket
Mobile Ticket

Fandango Test Markets New Ticketing in San Diego

Mobile Ticket is the newest way to get tickets from Fandango, and this new process is being test marketed in San Diego starting this weekend.

Fandango is using two theaters in San Diego -- Reading Pacific Town Theaters and Reading Grossmont Theaters -- to test a new ticking process called Mobile Ticket. Now instead of printing your ticket you can choose to have a barcode sent to your cell phone. Then at the theater you simply go to the ticket booth, call up the barcode, and then have it scanned in. So if you are the type of person who loses pieces of paper all the time but never misplaces your cell phone, this might be the perfect thing for you. You can also purchase tickets for your kids and send the tickets to their cell phone.

So if you want to be one of the first filmgoers to test out Mobile Ticket, you'll have the opportunity this weekend. If the process proves popular and successful it is likely to be offered by more theaters in more cities.

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