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Drone Draws What May Be Largest Valentine Ever

From Krzysztof Bosak's post on DIY DRONES.
From Krzysztof Bosak's post on DIY DRONES.

A man has created what might be the world’s largest valentine — using a drone.

Our story, The New Definition Of Drones covered the liftoff 3D Robotics — a company that builds and sells personal drones.

The company was founded on the blog DIY Drones, labeled the largest amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community on the web. (For anyone curious, the blog is an amazing pulse on the personal drone landscape)


Today, an administrator with the username Krzysztof Bosak posted an epic romantic project for Valentine's Day: "(The) World’s Largest Valentine Heart With Dedication (For asena21)."

Krzysztof Bosak plotted on waypoints near Wroclaw, Poland, and mapped/drew by drone a 4x3 KM (2.5x1.9 mile) heart and name asena21.

World's Largest Valentine

Krzysztof Bosak is promising a movie in the coming days. Below is a raw video of the flight. But the real question: Who is asena21 and what was her reaction?

From the blog, "Well, she is a very modest girl ;-) I haven't met her in real life that's the problem. Maybe we dislike each other like never before?"

I doubt it, buddy.