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Brothers Bound For "Biggest Baddest Bucketlist Competition"

Brothers Alex and Mark Ayling are known as the "Vaga-brothers" for producing video blogs of their travels.
Brothers Alex and Mark Ayling are known as the "Vaga-brothers" for producing video blogs of their travels.
UPDATE: Brothers Win "Biggest Baddest Bucketlist Competition"
San Diego brothers Mark and Alex Ayling, otherwise known as the Vaga brothers, are back home again after winning "my destination dot com's" 'biggest, baddest bucket-list competiton'— a contest centered around travel blogging and videotaping.
Brothers Bound For "Biggest Baddest Bucketlist Competition"
Two San Diego brothers with a passion for travel video blogging are selected among 10 finalists for the competition.

Two brothers from San Diego, whose shared passion is travel video blogging, have their sights set on the big prize. In this case, it's six-months of traveling around the world and $50,000.


Alex and Mark Ayling, otherwise known as the "Vaga-brothers," are among the 10 finalists selected to square-off in the "Biggest, Baddest, Bucketlist Competition."

KPBS Morning Edition's Deb Welsh spoke to the two just before they left San Diego for the competition in London.

Q. How did you get involved in this competition?

A. We found this contest on Twitter and we decided to put all our efforts together and make a video. And so we got a three-minute video in San Sebastion and it was selected by the judges as one of the top-10 videos to go into the finals next week. San Sebastion, if you don't know, is in Spain. It's in the northern region of Spain called the Basque Country on the coast with France.

Q. What do you think is going to set you apart from the other contenders?


A. The fact that there are two people is a huge advantage. Because we're both different, we look at situations differently. And being able to present a dual perspectiive in every single video we make is a huge advantage in itself. Not only are we two people, we're brothers. And traveling with us is fun! We make traveling fun, but not only fun, we make it intellectual in the fact that you come away learning something having watched one of our videos. It might not be a life-changing thing that you've learned, but definitely, if you go to one of the destinations that we choose to travel to, you will be a little bit more "in the know" on how to spend your time.

Q. Now, if you were to win this contest it would be life changing for you, wouldn't it?

A. Definitely. Most certainly.

Q. What do you stand to win?

A. A six-month trip around the world and $50,000. Now, the six-month trip around the world would be 25 destinations in 25 cities on six continents. And at each of those destinations we would make a video, from what we understand, probably about three-minutes, from what we know. But basically, it would be six-months of video blogging. So at the end of that we'd have tons of experience, tons of exposure and publicity, and $50,000 to do with what we want. Mark and Alex say they'd lke to use those winnings to make a pilot for their own travel TV show.

In order to win the competition, however, they need your vote. You can do that by logging on to, clicking the "BBB" tab and locating their entry. They say it's the first listed among all the entries.