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Multitasking at Comic-Con — There's An App For That

Comic-Con attendees wait in line July 10, 2015.
Katie Schoolov
Comic-Con attendees wait in line July 10, 2015.
Comic Con 2015: Fan Psychology

Throughout downtown San Diego during Comic-Con, costumed superheroes and their fans are everywhere.

But being dressed up as a Jedi knight from "Star Wars" or some other character out of a comic book might make it uncomfortable to wait in Comic-Con's notoriously long lines.

Now, Comic-Con fans armed with a smart phone can hire somebody to do the waiting for them.


J’Net Nguyen helped create Line Angel. It’s like Uber for queueing up. With the app, you can hire someone to take your place while you attend to more pressing matters.

Nguyen said there's no reason to miss out on your favorite hero because you were at an event for your favorite villain.

“Now that there is an option for me I’m so much happier, and I know I won’t miss out and I can take part,” Nguyen said.

When it comes time to choose between lines, grab a snack or maybe a quick nap — now there's an app for that.