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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: North Park, 'South Pacific' And Luis Miguel

A promotional photo of Luis Miguel.
Courtesy of the artist
A promotional photo of Luis Miguel.
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: North Park, 'South Pacific' And Luis Miguel
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: North Park, 'South Pacific' And Luis Miguel GUEST: Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

>>> This is KPBS Midday Edition. Cinco de Mayo actually falls on a Saturday this year the way it always should. We will talk about the celebrations planned around the city. And a new production in San Diego of the musical theater classic. It is all on our weekend preview and joining me is Nina Garin. This weekend is Cinco de Mayo. And before we talk about the local celebrations, you wanted to remind us that this holiday is not Mexican Independence Day. You have to tell us that every year. >> It is my civic duty. It is the battle of Puebla which happened in 1862. The French were taking over Mexico and Mexico had a small army and the French had a giant army, and X and one. -- And Mexico won. It is not celebrated the way we do it in the U.S. >> The way we do this here happened in old town in San Diego. That is one of the largest celebrations. Tell us about it. >> This has been going on for about 35 years. You just get a dose of Mexican culture and you get mariachi music and thereupon shops and you get to eat a bunch of food and it is pretty much like what we consider the best Cinco de Mayo celebration in town. >> Are also a number of neighborhood events. And there is a new one isn't there? >> There are also little things. There is one in Northpark called Viva North Park. It is kind of in an alley behind a taco shop. There is food by local Northpark vendors and they will have beer with ice and tomato juice. And their kids activities. And there is music by one of San Diego's favorite bands. >> You bought a clip from one of these groups. This is Tijuana. >> [ Music ] >> Viva North Park happens all day Saturday behind city tacos and fiesta Cinco de Mayo happens all weekend in old town. >>> In keeping with the spirit of Mexico let's move on to Luis Miguel who is called the son of Mexico. >> It is the sun that is in the sky. He is one of Mexico's brightest stars. Technically, he was born in Puerto Rico, but he is Mexican and he was raised there. And Mexico is where his career began. >> Or listeners who are not familiar, could you describe his music? >> He does everything. Romantic, pop, official Mexican music. He is polished when he performs. The picture they are using he is wearing a white tuxedo and he is just the consummate performer. >> Even though he is only in his 40s, it seems that he has been around for much longer. Why is that? >> He won his first Grammy at the age of 14. He has gone on to win six total. He has also released more than 30 albums. He tours around the world. He holds the record for the most performances at Mexico City's national auditorium, which is 223. >> Let's listen to a song by Luis Miguel. >> We are going to listen to something from his new record, Mexico por Siempre. >> [ Music ] >> And after his program in San Diego he is going to do something he has never done. >> He is going to be headlining at the Hollywood bowl on Sunday. >> Luis Miguel performs tonight at Mattress Firm Amphitheatre . >>> We go from Mexico to South Pacific. The San Diego physical theater is staging the Rogers and Hammerstein musical. >> It is about love on an island in the South Pacific during World War II. There are two love stories. A plantation owner and his children are mixed race and he falls in love with the nurse from Arkansas. Then there is a Lieutenant who falls in love with a native woman and he feels pressure about marrying her. >> This musical is almost 70 years old. >> It is a little problematic and there are stereotypes that might be awkward now. The Asian woman is kind of a stereotype. It is a little weird to see this now. But I do think that they have themes that are very resonant today about how you need to confront your own prejudice and deal with that. And I think right now we are doing a lot of that. So it is still important to see. >> And there is still the music. It has so many iconic songs. >> I feel like every song in this. Some enchanted evening, I am in love with a wonderful guy. It goes on and on. >> We have a clip from the local version of the show. This is I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair. >> [ Music ] >> You saw this production already. What did you think? >> It was the first time I've ever seen South Pacific. I thought it was wonderful. The acting is great by everyone. Carolyn, who we just heard, is perfect, and I loved the male lead. >> It runs through May 27 at the Horton Grand Theatre. And I've been speaking with Nina Garin. Thank you. >> Have a good weekend.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend with "the sun of Mexico," tacos and micheladas. Or revisit a classic Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

Luis Miguel


Musician Luis Miguel is known as the "sun of Mexico," thanks to romantic pop songs and ballads that are beloved throughout Mexico and Latin America.


Miguel won his first Grammy at age 14 and went on to win a total of six. He's also released more than 30 albums and holds the record for the most performances at Mexico City's National Auditorium.

His latest album, "Mexico por Siempre" focuses on mariachi music. Miguel's Chula Vista concert will be a blend of traditional songs and a collection of pop favorites.

Details: 8:30 p.m. Friday. Mattress Firm Amphitheatre, 2050 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista. $40 to $600; find tickets to Luis Miguel.

A promotional poster for iViva North Park!
Courtesy of North Park Main Street
A promotional poster for iViva North Park!

iViva North Park!

Music, Food


North Park celebrates Cinco de Mayo with an intimate street party featuring bands The B-Side Players and Bulevar Descarga.

Happening in the alley behind City Tacos, the festival will have Mexican food by neighborhood restaurants, plus cocktail and michelada bars.

There will also be family-friendly activities, including pony rides and a photo booth.

Details: 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday. The alleyway between 30th and Ohio Streets, North Park. Free; additional festival information.

A 2019 photo of the cast of San Diego Musical Theatre's "South Pacific."
Ken Jacques
A 2019 photo of the cast of San Diego Musical Theatre's "South Pacific."

"South Pacific"


San Diego Musical Theatre stages the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, "South Pacific."

The show is about romance on a South Pacific Island during World War II. The 70-year-old story can feel dated and sometimes culturally insensitive. But the overall theme about confronting your own prejudice still resonates thanks to a truly stellar cast.

The show is also filled with iconic songs like"Some Enchanted Evening" and "I'm Going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair."

Details: 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 Sunday. Runs through May 27. Horton Grand Theatre, 444 Fourth Ave, downtown. $30 to $70; find tickets for SDMT.