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Backfired: When VW Lied To America

Promotional graphic for the film, 'Backfired: When VW Lied To America."
Courtesy of Media Policy Center
Promotional graphic for the film, 'Backfired: When VW Lied To America."

Airs Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018 at 11 p.m. on KPBS TV

"Backfired: When VW Lied To America" tells the inside story of the Volkswagen scandal as it unravels beginning at West Virginia University in 2013 where a group of unsuspecting students accidentally discover the defeat device while doing rare on-road testing.

They immediately share their stunning discovery with California Air Resources Board (CARB) that verifies the findings and engages with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Justice to plot carefully filing suit against VW's top executives.

VW is slapped with the largest fine in U.S. auto history: $15 billion in what's now known as "Dieselgate."


And, it gets worse. Most recently, it was discovered that VW secretly tested emissions from defeat devices on innocent monkeys at a lab in New Mexico.

From West Virginia to California, to Washington D.C., to Germany and Paris, we hear from those who broke the case and sought justice.

Backfired: When VW Lied To America: Preview

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A Media Policy Center production. Directed by Dale Bell. Produced by Margie Friedman. Writer: Dale Bell. Editor: Ralph Herman. Camera: Dale Bell. Associate Producers: Martin Thiel, Waleska Santiago. Executive Producers: Dale Bell, Harry Wiland, Wally Baker. Narrator: Warren Olney.

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