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Cinema Junkie Episode 217: Bond, James Bond, Part One

Daniel took on the role of Ian Fleming's 007 agent James Bond in the 2006 film "Casino Royale."

Exploring the cinematic and literary world of 007

007 Fact Sheet
Eon Productions franchise fact sheet for all the James Bond films.

Bond. James Bond. It's all about Ian Fleming's secret agent with a license to kill.

As a lifelong Bond fan I have experienced the ups and downs of the franchise. Sean Connery got me hooked on 007 when I was a kid, I suffered though the cartoonish Roger Moore films, thought Timothy Dalton was a fine Bond, disliked Pierce Brosnan, and then fell in love with the franchise all over again when Daniel Craig came on board.


The 25th Bond (that's a pretty amazing run for a franchise), "No Time To Die," was originally scheduled for an April release in 2020 but the pandemic forced it to be postponed three times.

To discuss Bond’s final mission and to explore 007’s cinematic and literary dossier I have brought in a pair of special agents. My guests for this Cinema Junkie episode, Bond. James Bond. Part One are a pair of espionage aficionados, both of whom are regular contributors to Shane Whaley’s Spybrary podcast: Gary Dexter just flew to London last month in order to see "No Time To Die" on its earliest release date, and Jeff Quest, who runs

Dexter reported back on the Bond mania going on in England: "It's crazy the way the nation's embraced Bond. This time is very similar to Bond mania in the hype of the Connery era. You can throw a stone and essentially hit some sort of Bond tin or promotion. London had a gigantic 007 sculpture in Leicester Square ahead of the movie. All the Omega shops have got the gun barrel motif. They've got prop displays inside, in fact, some of the props that are seen in the film, the portraits of the different M's. It's really exciting. It definitely has a vibe unlike any Bond that I've experience here in the past."


Quest notes, "[Bond's] the big dog on the block, right? I mean, everybody else is playing catch up when it comes to Bond, and he's the one that everybody has been orbiting around. All the other spy films really took their cues from Bond, either as blatant imitators or as something to fight against, to go completely opposite with a more gritty look at spies. And so I think it's hard not to look at Bond and have him be the one that you put everything else up against."

We will explore the world of Bond and fantasy spies in this two-part podcast and then later this month will look at the more realistic spy world created by John Le Carre.

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