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3 Police Dead in Less Than 24 hours in Tijuana and Rosarito

3 Police Dead in Less Than 24 hours in Tijuana and Rosarito
Gunmen shot up the Red Cross in Tijuana Tuesday morning. As KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson explains a Tijuana policewoman died in the hail of bullets.

Analysis: Police Killings in Tijuana

Another police officer was killed in Tijuana Tuesday morning. KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson explains policewoman died as she was guarding the city's Red Cross.

This brings the total number of police officers murdered in Tijuana and Rosarito to three in the last day.

Tijuana law enforcement officials say the officer, Eva Gonzalez Cruz, was in her patrol vehicle guarding the Red Cross.

Red Cross spokeswoman, Rocio Galvan, says a car passed by and sprayed the building with gunfire.

She says Gonzalez died. Her partner hit the ground and was unscathed.

Its not clear if gunmen were aiming for Gonzalez.

Galvan says an officer injured in Monday night's ambush at Smart and Final was being cared for at the Red Cross at the time of the morning shooting.

Monday night, killers left a note at one murder scene threatening to kill five police officers a week until Tijuana's police chief resigns.

Police in Mexico have been a target for drug cartel hitmen as Mexico's president cracks down on drug trafficking and organized crime.