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US Brings Charges To Disrupt Pact Between Cartel, L.A. Gang

Federal prosecutors have issued indictments against alleged associates of a major Mexican drug cartel and members one of Los Angeles' most powerful street gangs, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Authorities say the two organizations were on the verge of forming a partnership by which the La Familia Michoacana cartel would have provided large quantities of methamphetamine to members of Southern California's Mexican Mafia gang for distribution throughout Southern California.

The gang controls swaths of Los Angeles County and in each territory sets up outposts to deal drugs and operate illegal gambling, prosecutors allege.

Federal officials equated the alliance to a major manufacturer looking for wholesalers, distributors and bill collectors. "This is the first time the street gangs and cartels have come together on this scale," (U.S. Atty. Andre) Birotte (Jr.) said.
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