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Border & Immigration

Forget The Government Shutdown, It's National Taco Day

Kosher Tacos Debut On The Border
Kosher Tacos Debut On The Border

Forget the government shutdown for second, it's National Taco Day!

For a nation caught in a divisive debate over its immigration policies, the United States is eager to embrace cultures outside its heavily guarded borders.

The taco also has its own American food chain. This year, Taco Bell introduced its latest taco mutation, the waffle taco. That's a waffle folded in half with egg and bacon, substitute salsa for syrup.


It comes as no surprise that when the fast-food chain decided to open in Mexico, it failed. Twice.

Along the U.S.-Mexico border where the lines between two nations blend and blur into one exquisite domain, the taco is home.

Still, the debate over taco authenticity in border cities is alive and well. Fronteras Desk explored the subject thoroughly this summer in our most delicious reporting series yet.

Consider how San Antonio is dotted with traditional taco trucks, yet is also the birthplace of the popular restaurant chain Taco Cabana.

In El Paso, artist Peter Svarzbien came up with a philosophical interpretation of the taco by combining Mexican and Jewish culinary traditions.


Further west, fish tacos hitched a ride to California thanks to an American entrepreneur who had a tasty encounter in Baja.

No doubt the taco will continue to evolve and reintroduce itself to foodies across the country and around the world. Even if Mexico may not agree with the mongrel mix of tacos out there, their simple food staple is undoubtably a source of national pride. And today, reason for celebration. Buen provecho!