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California Democrats Want A Vote On Brown's Budget Package

Democratic Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg said he’s about ready to “pull the plug” and move forward with a floor vote on the remainder of Governor Brown’s budget package.

“I’m damn proud of my colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle who have not whined and have not complained and have stepped up and done their jobs and it’s high time that the other side participate in governing this state,” said Steinberg.

Steinberg said if Republicans won’t approve Brown’s proposal to send a series of tax extensions to the ballot, he’s prepared to pursue other options. Those could include Democrats putting the taxes on the ballot without Republican support or a November ballot initiative.


Negotiations continue between Governor Brown and Republican lawmakers, but time to put a measure on a June ballot is quickly running out.

Lawmakers must stay within a few hours of the Capitol over the weekend in case a floor vote is called.