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San Diego Foundation Unveils Plan For Future

San Diego Foundation Unveils Plan For Future
The San Diego foundation unveils its vision for San Diego tonight. The planning effort is the culmination of four years of work.

The San Diego Foundation is set to unwrap its seven point vision for San Diego's future tonight. The local organization surveyed more than 30,000 people over four years to shape its planning document. The resulting plan is designed to help shape the region's direction for the next 50 to 100 years.

"A process like this, there's no entity that does it. And it needs to be contemplated fully. We're one of the first regions in the country that has undertaken a process that's comprehensive," said Dan Beintema of the San Diego Foundation.

The document calls for safe, vibrant neighborhoods, good schools and a good economy with affordable housing. The plan also emphasizes a nature-accessible region with good transportation options and strong regional leaders.


The work is considered far from over and organizers hope the plan will not sit on a shelf gathering dust. The idea is to keep working on the issues raised.

"Where has this gone? What legs have taken life from this report and are now moving forward? What change has happened? It's a living, breathing process," said Anna-Marie Rooney of the San Diego Foundation.

Rooney says a number of initiatives will be unveiled in coming weeks. They will be aimed at keeping the momentum going.