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Farmers' Market Opens In Barrio Logan

Farmer's Market Opens in Barrio Logan
The San Diego Public Market is scheduled to open this week on a limited basis. It's phase-one of a larger project to transform industrial space in Barrio Logan into a community hub and tourist attraction.

When it's finished in the spring, the San Diego Public Market will feature local produce, food vendors, commercial kitchen space, educational programs and community events.

Until then, the 92,000 square foot space near downtown will host a farmers' market twice a week.


The farmers will set up shop in what was once a boiler factory and renovations are still in progress, according to Catt White, cofounder of the market.

"Power-washing is still going on down there. We've got a little bit of painting. We're refurbishing a couple bathrooms. Other than that, we're confirming our farmer's and vendors, getting them all set up, making sure they've all got permits in hand," she said.

White has been organizing farmers' markets in San Diego for years, but this undertaking is on a larger scale. She said she has a good team and volunteers.

"There's been a real willingness for the community to contribute actually hands-on to the project and we're going to take advantage of that," said White.

The farmers' market will be open every Wednesday and Sunday, starting at 9 a.m.