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MTS Rolls Out New Compass Card System


Starting today, the cost of a day pass for Metropolitan Transit System buses will be upped $2 unless the passenger has a Compass Card.

According to MTS, ticket machines at all Trolley stations have already been converted to sell the reloadable cards. Buses do not have equipment to issue Compass Cards, but passengers can purchase an empty card for $2 at Albertsons stores or at the MTS Transit Store.

"Compass cards have many advantages for our customers,'' MTS Chief Executive Officer Paul Jablonski said. "The greater flexibility, combined with our ability to better prevent fraud and counterfeiting, enables us to keep fares low for all passengers.''


Passengers without Compass Cards will have to pay an additional $2 fee to receive a Compass Card when buying a day pass. A rider can exchange a paper pass for a day pass on a compass card at The Transit Store, but the paper pass must be valid for that day, according to MTS.

MTS officials said the conversion of paper passes to compass cards was necessary to prevent their fraudulent resale.

Through Saturday, but excluding Thanksgiving, a valid paper day pass can also be exchanged for one on a compass card between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. at the Old Town, 12th and Imperial, Euclid Avenue, El Cajon, City College, Iris Avenue and Fashion Valley transit centers.

Compass cards last about five years and allow riders to reload their passes automatically online, by phone, at Albertsons locations and at Trolley ticket machines, MTS officials said. They can also be registered to protect their value if they are lost or stolen.