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Survey: California Business Climate Is Better Than Expected

Steven Puetzer Getty Images

A recent survey by the non-partisan group Next 10 finds California's business climate may be better than some people say it is.

Pro-business and anti-tax groups have long derided California as a state with an unfriendly business climate. But a recent Next 10 report prepared by Beacon Economics finds that's not the case.

Survey: California Business Climate Is Better Than Expected
California's business climate gets high marks for job creation when compared to other states in a new survey put together by Beacon Economics.

California does pretty well when it comes to job creation indicators, according to Next 10 founder Noel Perry. When put up against the rest of the country, the state ranks pretty high.

"California tied for fifth in establishment entry rates for new businesses, we tied for fourth in job creation rates from new firm growth, and we ranked fourth in total net job creation," Perry said.

Perry credited the diverse economy that supports a number of vibrant sectors like electronics, life sciences and agriculture.

"I think this diverse economy makes California a good place to do business – notwithstanding the fact that there are higher taxes," Perry said.

The report found California is creating jobs faster than the national average and had a strong environment for job creation in both new and existing businesses.

Next 10 has a website available that allows users to check how California compares in a number of different categories.