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San Diego Encourages Public To Check For Unclaimed Funds

A view of the outside of San Diego City Hall, Jan. 19, 2016.
Megan Wood / inewsource
A view of the outside of San Diego City Hall, Jan. 19, 2016.

The city of San Diego is holding around $764,000 in unclaimed funds and invited the public Wednesday to check online to see if any of the cash belongs to them.

City officials said they regularly receive returned checks that were undeliverable based on the address information on file. The funds are held in 1,945 accounts and can be taken over by the city after one year.

"We want to refund every single dollar of unclaimed money," said Cecilia San Pedro, disbursements manager with the office of the city comptroller. "Checking to see if you are owed money is something everyone should do periodically, and it only takes a few minutes to look up your name or the name of your business."


The money involves people or companies that have done business with the city over the past three years. The funds generally represent refunds or payments to vendors.

The larger unclaimed checks include the following:

–$34,053 to San Diego Gas & Electric

–around $23,000 in seven separate accounts for Verizon Wireless

–$25,798 to Arden Realty Finance of Los Angeles


–$18,282 to Pardee Homes of Los Angeles

–$14,777.95 to the Church of Scientology in the Bay Area city of Richmond

The unclaimed monies list is online at Individuals are listed alphabetically by their first name.