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Legislators Want Prop 39 Money To Go To Energy Projects In Schools

Proposition 39, which was approved by California voters last month, sets aside $2.5 billion for energy efficiency projects by ending a tax exemption on out-of-state companies.

Now political and education leaders want to spend part of that money retrofitting schools.

Democratic Senator Kevin DeLeon says he plans to introduce legislation that would create a fund for energy upgrades in K-12 schools.


“We will save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save school districts money to put back into the classroom and just as importantly create much needed jobs for Californians,” said DeLeon.

DeLeon said grants would be awarded to the most economically disadvantaged schools. The money would be used to pay for upgrading ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling, and insulation.

He estimates about $300 million in revenues raised from Proposition 39 would go to schools in fiscal year 2013. The projects could begin as early as next year.