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National City Gets $1 Million To Clean Up Toxic Property

National City was awarded a $1 million grant Tuesday from the federal Environmental Protection Agency to clean up a hazardous waste site.

The money will be used to cleanup a 14-acre site near the National City marina contaminated with petroleum and hazardous substances

National City will also get help from the EPA and two other federal agencies to transform the site into a new neighborhood that includes affordable housing.

Diane Takvorian with the Environmental Health Coalition said that's part of a federal pilot program which should be used throughout the country.

"And especially environmental justice communities: low-income, largely communities of color that are impacted by toxic pollution because industries are allowed to exist side-by-side with homes and schools," said Takvorian.

The EPA also gave the Environmental Health Coalition a $300,000 grant.

Takvorian said the money will help create community plans that lead to cleaner, healthier neighborhoods.