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Hot Weather Coming To San Diego This Weekend

Hot Weather Coming To San Diego This Weekend
Hot weather will drive into the region and park over San Diego for a couple of days, but the heat wave isn't expected to last long.

A heat wave is rolling into San Diego County, but the unusually warm weather should only stay a couple of days.

National Weather Service forecasters said September will live up to its reputation as one of the hottest months of the year in San Diego.


A high pressure system will push temperatures into the uncomfortable range on Friday and Saturday, according to forecasters.

"The beaches will be around the 80s," said Stephen Harrison, a National Weather Service meteorologist. "The coastal areas 85 to 95. The valleys will be 90s to 102 degrees. The inland empire 100s. And then the lower deserts 102 to 107 or so."

The hot spell will likely end on Sunday.

It comes after a couple of weeks of higher than normal humidity brought into the region by a monsoonal flow from the south, said Harrison. That weather pattern typically ends in August, but he said it is not unusual for it to be here in September.