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Webcams To Broadcast Release Of 4 Condors To Wild

A live-streaming camera will broadcast the release of four endangered California condors into the Big Sur wilderness.

Ventana Wildlife Society and the Oakland Zoo will broadcast the release on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific, showing the birds transitioning from captivity to the wild for the first time.

Where The Watch The Release Of The Condors

The cameras can be viewed at the Ventana Wildlife Society website or the Oakland Zoo's website.

One of the birds suffered a broken wing as a chick, but was nursed back to health at the Los Angeles Zoo. The female will be released less than a mile from her parents.


Joe Burnett, a senior biologist at Ventana, said the cameras allow staff to monitor and keep track of the birds on a daily basis with minimal impact.

There are 128 individual condors left in the wild in California.