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Strong Winds, Showers To Continue In Parts Of San Diego County

Strong winds and scattered showers are expected to continue Thursday morning in parts of San Diego County.

Among the peak wind speeds recorded before 3 a.m. Thursday, were gusts of 57 miles per hour in Ocotillo Wells; 54 mph in Borrego Springs; 51 mph near Julian; 50 mph in Harrison Park; 48 mph on Palomar Mountain; 44 mph at the Lucky Five Ranch; 43 mph in Boulevard; and 41 mph at Lake Cuyamaca, according to the National Weather Service.

A wind advisory for the mountains and deserts is set to remain in effect until noon. Winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour will be possible throughout the advisory period, along with gusts to 55 mph. Forecasters said the winds would be brisk, but not advisory strength, Thursday afternoon through Thursday evening.


"Strongest winds will occur over the coastal waters and mountain ridges, below the passes and canyons, and along the desert slopes and adjacent desert areas," according to the weather service. "Wind-prone locations may see gusts of 55 mph or greater."

Blowing dust may impair visibility in some areas, and winds of more than 35 mph can make for locally hazardous travel, according to the weather service.

The storm system will also likely bring showers to areas other than the deserts and a slight chance of thunderstorms to the mountains.

"We expect the showers to take a somewhat inland track during the day, most likely in the mountains and coastal foothills," according to the weather service. "Just enough instability develops this afternoon for a slight chance of thunderstorms, but just barely."

Forecasters said the winds would decrease later Thursday, and fair conditions were expected Friday. But a second storm is expected to bring a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, according to the weather service.