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Super Bowl XLIX Commercials: The Hits And Fumbles

Super Bowl XLIX Commercials: The Hits And Fumbles

Sports fans from San Diego to New England will be gathering for food, fun and football on Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots face off.

But for some — the game is not just about football — it's a time to weigh in on the Super Bowl commercials.

The ads are talked about long after the game has played. What will be your favorite?


Miro Copic, marketing lecturer at San Diego State University's College of Business Administration told KPBS that advertising during the Super Bowl is a great way for an established company to reinvent themselves and for a newer company to launch a new product.

Copic said the Budweiser ads are something fans look forward to every year, and this year they don't disappoint — pulling at our heartstrings by featuring a puppy.

But a spoof commercial put together by GoDaddy, didn't go over so well, and the company pulled the ad after backlash from viewers.

While the winner of the game between the is still anyone's guess — some commercials have already won over fans.

NBC is charging around $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial, according to The Wall Street Journal.


What's your favorite past Super Bowl ad? Take a look:

• Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Green.

• Apple: Mac.

• McDonald's: Showdown.

• Budweiser: Frogs.

• Pepsi: Your Cheatin' Heart.

2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial
2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad