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University Of California Providing Clear Path For Transfer Students

University Of California Providing Clear Path For Transfer Students

A new program announced this week by the University of California could make it easier for community college students to transfer to one of the nine UC campuses.

Under "Transfer Pathways" transfer requirements in 10 majors will be the same at all nine UC campuses, eliminating the confusion students face when choosing a class before they know which UC school they'll apply to.

Transfer Pathways begins this fall and covers 10 of the most popular majors: anthropology, biochemistry, biology, cell biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, molecular biology, physics and sociology. More pathways will be added in the coming year.

The University of California reports 30 percent of entering UC undergraduates are transfer students; 90 percent of them come from a California community college campus.

The move comes as part of a budget deal that UC President Janet Napolitano negotiated with Gov. Jerry Brown.

According to UC Admissions, following a pathway doesn't guarantee admission to UC but gives students a clear road map to prepare for their major and be well positioned to graduate on time from any UC campus.

Steven Handle, associate vice president of undergraduate admissions for the University of California, and Lynn Neault, vice chancellor of student services for the San Diego Community College District, join KPBS Evening Edition Friday to discuss what the program means for students in San Diego.