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Religious Leader Organizes Communal Meal At Occupy Protest Site

Excerpt from November 21, 2011 interview with Rev. David Miller
Unitarian Universalist Rev. David Miller discusses, among other things, the role of religion in social activism (and specifically the "Occupy" movement).

One local religious leader is supporting the "Occupy San Diego" movement with a simple message: Let them eat pie.

"OCCU-PIE San Diego" takes place Monday, Nov. 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The idea was conceived by Unitarian Universalist Reverend David Miller, who is urging people to not only attend, but to also bring apple, pumpkin, peach or even chicken or turkey pot pies with them to share.

Miller says those who attend this evening's downtown event in Civic Center Plaza should leave with a full stomach.


"It's Thanksgiving week," he said, "and I just felt it was a good week to offer thanks and gratitude for what we already have. And to feed each other and nourish each other."

Despite the event's punny name, Miller is serious about the protests.

He sees the country's growing wealth disparity as a crucial moral issue, and said the "Occupy" protests share a pedigree with such societal conflicts as the civil rights movement.

"To [Unitarian Universalists], and to others I know - people of what I would maybe call progressive faith - this is a moral movement about human relations and human justice and economic justice and human dignity," said Miller.

He expects clergy from other religions to attend, and hopes they will bring some of their congregation to this all-inclusive feast. He even said he'd love for the police to join in.