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Feds Say Californians Reaping Benefits Of Obamacare

Feds Say Californians Reaping Benefits Of Obamacare
On the 3rd anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, federal officials say Californians have already gotten their money's worth.

This week marks the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. The Obama Administration says the law is making a big difference in California.

For example, preventive services like pap smears and well-child visits are now provided free-of-charge. More than 400,000 Californians under the age of 26 have been able to stay on their family's insurance plan. And seniors with Medicare have saved more than $450 million on prescription drugs.

In October, California plans to begin enrollment in the next phase of Obamacare: an online health insurance exchange, called Covered California. People will be able to shop for plans, compare prices, and apply for federal subsidies. Officials say the exchange will help consumers save money.


But maybe not. Under California law, regulators can't reject health insurance price hikes. So even under Obamacare, Californians won't be protected from rising premiums.