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California Highest In Health Exchange Sign-Ups So Far


Federal data show more people in California have picked a plan through a health insurance exchange than in any other state.

Nearly 870,000 Californians have signed up through Covered California as of March 1. That’s hundreds of thousands more people than in any other state.

More people in San Diego have signed up for the state healthcare exchange than was projected for the county.

Anne Gonzales of Covered California says the state-run website has had its share of technical problems, but for the most part it’s worked better than the portals elsewhere.

“There was huge interest for this type of coverage," Gonzales says. "A lot of people have been waiting for affordable health care.”

Gonzales says outreach to ethnic communities and increased call center staffing have helped with the sign up effort.

The Kaiser Family Foundation says California has received more federal money than any other state to establish a marketplace.

Covered California will release its own updated numbers on Thursday.