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KPBS Presents "Love Wins Over Hate" Documentary on Former White Supremacists

New gripping documentary explores overcoming bigotry and anger to embrace empathy and inclusivity

KPBS has partnered with celebrated filmmaker and writer Susan Polis Schutz (IronZealFilms) to be the presenting station for “Love Wins Over Hate,” a documentary that uncovers the origins and complexities of hatred and prejudice, and brings it out into the light for a moving story of healing and love. The film will broadcast on KPBS-TV Monday, October 19 at 10 pm.

“Love Wins Over Hate” features a series of gripping and thought-provoking interviews with former white supremacists and others who held extreme views. This film offers viewers a rare glimpse into the psychology of why people choose to hate, how they have overcome bigotry, and how they have made amends by helping others.

“Every morning I wake up and watch the news or scroll through social media and I see and feel all the hatred, anger and divisiveness. I asked myself why people hate so much. Then I wondered if people who hate can ever change,” says Schutz. “I read an article about a former violent white supremist who left the movement and not only reformed but helped hundreds of other people reform. I wanted to know more about this individual’s life as well as other extremists’ lives who had transformed their thinking. I wanted to know how and why they changed and if there were common threads among them. And if so, impart these lessons that could shed light on an epidemic that is corroding our society.”


In the film, each subject talks honestly and openly about their former beliefs, the pain they have inflicted on others and their fight for a better world devoid of hate.

“Love Wins Over Hate” also includes interviews with a professor and marginalized people who have been victims of violent hatred, revealing the senseless pain and damage done to them and their communities. We also see instances of reconciliation of the victims with the perpetrators.

“My goal for this film is for people to see that love wins over hate and to help those who are struggling with this. Whether it’s within themselves, their friends, family or colleagues, there is hope and beauty on the other side,” says Schutz.

A 4:38 trailer and the entire film can be viewed here.

Stations in more than 40 states will show the film, as well as being available through The World Channel. It is also available on the PBS video app now.


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