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Lessons on Life From a Centenarian

Lessons on Life From a Centenarian
San Diegan Laura Simon turned 103 last November. In 1905, the year of her birth, Teddy Roosevelt was president and women did not have the right to vote. More than a century later, Simon has lived through 19 presidents, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and a technical revolution that continues to boggle the mind. We'll talk with Simon about the biography she wrote at age 100, and with her playwright son, Mayo Simon.

Maureen Cavanaugh: She remembers when the Titanic sank and about World War I. And that terrible flu epidemic of 1918. She also remembers how happy she was to learn her life story is about to be serialized on the internet.


103-year old Laura Simon has seen more of life and more changes in government, lifestyle and culture than most of us can even imagine. Born in Chicago, now living in San Diego, Laura is the mother of a family of writers, and recently became one herself. On her 100th birthday, she published a book called "I Am Still Here." In December, Tom Fudge had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Simon and her son, New York-based playwright and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Mayo Simon.


Laura Simon, 103 year old author of "I Am Still Here."

Mayo Simon, New York-based playwright and screenwriter and Laura Simon's son.