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AAA Says Thanksgiving Travel Up In California

AAA Says Thanksgiving Travel Up In California
There'll be more Californians leaving home this Thanksgiving.

The latest AAA survey finds more than five million Californians plan to travel fifty miles or more this holiday weekend.

"We are seeing a surge of travel this year on Thanksgiving. We have an expected four percent increase from last year," said Cynthia Harris, a representative for AAA.

Harris said most of those people, four point five million of them, will be driving.


"Air travel is also expected to increase from last year despite a twenty percent jump in fares. The lowest round-trip rate is projected to be around two-hundred and twelve dollars."

Harris said six-hundred and twenty thousand Californians will be flying. That's a two percent increase over last year.

She also said most of the people traveling will stay with family or friends. But for people staying at a hotel, rates are expected to be six percent higher this year with an average price of one hundred and forty-five dollars a night.