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How Many Gnats Are A Nuisance?

Eye gnats bugging a dog in Jacumba.
Jacumba Against Gnats
Eye gnats bugging a dog in Jacumba.
Small gnats are causing big problems.
GuestsBill Brammer, owner, Be Wise Organic Farm Cindy Morriss is a resident of the San Pasqual Valley area of Escondido, and a member of a group who say their quality of life has declined because of eye gnats

We'll have more on the gnat problem in an interview on Tuesday's show.

Some very small gnats are causing big problems in Jacumba and Escondido. There are actually thousands of gnats in the area, which is why residents are concerned.

Apparently, eye gnats love to breed in organic farms.

Farm owners in the vicinity are working with a county entomologist to reduce the problem.

That solution may not be enough, however, for their gnat-infested neighbors.