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KPBS Midday Edition

Roundtable: Education Cuts, Whistle-Blower's Troubles, Airport Concessions

More education cuts, A whistle-blower fights his firing, and the Regional Airport Authority tosses important forms.
Guests: Kyla Calvert, KPBS News Education Reporter Ricky Young, Watchdog editor, San Diego Union TribuneLori Weisberg, reporter, San Diego Union Tribune

The state's mid-year budget cuts weren't as severe as feared, but they will still hurt San Diego Unified to the tune of $7 to $8 million. And former D.C. Chancellor of Schools Michelle Rhee was in town promoting her vision for education change.

A County pension officer was fired after going to the media over his concerns about risk. We look at what protection whistle-blowers have.

And after the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority awarded all-new contracts for concessions at the airport, they threw away the evaluation forms. Losers have no idea how they scored.