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Roundtable: Election Aftermath

Friday Roundtable: Election Recap
Roundtable: Election Aftermath
GUESTS:Katie Orr, Metro Reporter, KPBS NewsJohn Warren, publisher, San Diego Voice And ViewpointAlison St. John, Senior Metro Reporter, KPBS News

Mayoral Contest, Props A & B, City council: The two candidates for mayor of San Diego advancing to the November runoff are arguably the least moderate of the four on the primary ballot.

Carl DeMaio, who campaigned against deficits, pensions, unions, potholes and Nathan Fletcher, as expected got the most votes. Bob Filner, who ran a fairly close second, decried DeMaio as the “doom and gloom” candidate, but seemed to be saving his firepower for November.

Voters approved San Diego Propositions A & B by significant margins, continuing the trend against unions (Prop A) and pensions for city workers (Prop B).


Three of the four City Council races were decided outright. Incumbents Todd Gloria and Marti Emerald and newcomers Scott Sherman and Mark Kersey walked to victory. Sherry Lightener, the incumbent Democrat in District 1, was forced into a runoff by Republican Ray Ellis. If Ellis wins in November, the council will have a Republican majority.

Congressional Races, State Initiatives 28, 29: In the 52nd Congressional District, Democrats Scott Peters and Lori Saldana are separated by just 790 votes in the contest to meet Rep. Brian Bilbray (R) in November.

Peters, generally regarded as more moderate than the progressive Saldana, put more than $1 million of his own money into his campaign.

The issues in the primary revolved around how to get something done in Congress, protect the rights and health of women, and deal with the deficit.

In a big change, voters approved State Proposition 28 amending term limits to allow more time in one house of the legislature. Proposition 29, which would have taxed cigarettes another $1 per pack, succumbed to $47 million in tobacco money.


Oceanside Rent Control, District 3 Supervisor: In spite of endorsements by three city council members, Oceanside residents rose up to vote down Proposition E, thereby keeping rent control on mobile home parks.

The same three-member council majority put Proposition F on the ballot, with the same result. Prop F would have required that several city offices be elected by a majority, rather than a plurality, leading to runoffs and making elections much more expensive in the small city.

District 3 was the only open seat on the County Board of Supervisors in years. Steve Dannon, Congressman Brian Bilbray’s chief of staff, fought off Del Mar Mayor Carl Hilliard, and Dave Roberts, Mayor of Solana Beach, was endorsed by Pam Slater Price. Danon and Roberts will meet in November.