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Local Author Tells Story Of Harriet Tubman In New Novel

Cover of 'The Tubman Command' by Elizabeth Cobbs
Cover of 'The Tubman Command' by Elizabeth Cobbs

The "Tubman Command" is the latest book by The New York Times best-selling author, Elizabeth Cobbs. She joined Midday Edition to talk about how Harriet Tubman changed America and why she is pushing for her face to be on the $20 bill.

Elizabeth Cobbs is the New York Times best-selling author of, "The Hamilton Affair." In addition to being a novelist, the San Diego native is also a historian and documentary filmmaker. Cobbs latest work gives an account of Harriet Tubman's life in a way many have never heard. Her novel "The Tubman Command" chronicles Tubman's life as a Union spy during the Civil War and a freedom fighter for all.

"She's an outstanding American patriot. She's part of all of us. She worked for all of us to make this country a better place," Cobbs said.


Writing this novel also moved Cobbs to get involved with efforts to put Tubman's face on the $20 bill. In an interview on Midday Edition Cobbs talks about why she thinks it is so important Americans know Tubman's story and see her face on the $20 bill.

Cobbs will be speaking about her book Tuesday night at Warwicks at 7:30pm.