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San Diego Coronavirus Testing Capacity Ramps Up

Coronavirus testing at the San Diego county lab, Feb. 28, 2020.
Matt Hoffman
Coronavirus testing at the San Diego county lab, Feb. 28, 2020.
UC San Diego's coronavirus testing capacity is expected to increase from 700 to up to 1,500 tests a day by mid-April.

While California's COVID-19 virus testing capabilities lag behind other states, testing capacity across San Diego County is expanding.

Currently, the daily testing capacity for all hospitals in the county is upwards of 1,200 tests and that number is expected to rise significantly in the coming weeks, as reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune. UC San Diego Health expects to increase its in-house testing capacity from 700 to 1,500 tests per day by mid-April. So far, more than 18,000 tests have been administered to San Diegans.

UC San Diego is also part of a newly formed state task force on testing whose goal is to increase capacity in California five-fold. As of Tuesday 143,800 tests have been conducted in the state.


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Dr. David Pride, an infectious disease specialist and microbiology lab director at UC San Diego Health’s Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine, joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss ongoing efforts to ramp up testing of the virus that causes COVID-19.