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After disappointing season, Padres pin next season's hopes on new manager

Padres Bob Melvin Baseball
Derrick Tuskan
New San Diego Padres baseball team manager Bob Melvin, center, shakes hands with Padres CEO Erik Greupner as general manager A.J. Preller looks on during a news conference at Petco Park, Nov. 1, 2021.

The San Diego Padres are moving forward from one of their most disappointing seasons in recent memory by hiring Bob Melvin as the team’s new manager.

Melvin's hiring comes after the firing of previous manager Jayce Tingler.

While Melvin is among one of the most respected managers in baseball, only time will tell if his hiring will make a difference next season for the beleaguered Padres.


San Diego sportswriter Jay Paris said that Melvin's arrival to the team has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from within the organization.

"It's almost like writing about the Pope, you can't find anyone to say anything bad about him; that's Bob Melvin," Paris said.

Paris joined Midday Edition on Tuesday with more on the Padres' latest acquisition.