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New professional women's soccer team will soon hit local shores

Jill Ellis.jpg
Courtesy of San Diego Wave FC
San Diego Wave FC team president Jill Ellis walks along the San Diego coast.

San Diego is home to a new professional soccer team, the San Diego Wave Fútbol Club.

The franchise is one of two new teams joining the National Women's Soccer League, the highest division in U.S. women's soccer, and will begin play this spring.

The league, though, is reeling from a series ofaccusations of sexual harassment and abuse, resulting in multiple investigations and major leadership changes.

San Diego Wave FC team president and two-time World Cup-winning former coach Jill Ellis joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to talk about how the club chose its name, why San Diego is the right place for the team and the scandals that have marred the NWSL's recent season.

"I mean I think there are so many incredibly remarkable things about this sport and the opportunity to play it in our country," Ellis said. "Now, we need to make sure we do it right."

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