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'Best vintage store' owner operates with sustainability, climate change in mind

Courtesy of Tanya McAnear
Bad Madge & Co. owner Tanya McAnear smiling with a rack of items from her store in this 2021 photo.

A San Diego secondhand shop has been given the distinction of "Best Vintage Store" in the country by the online review site, Yelp.

Bad Madge & Co., located in the city's South Park neighborhood, sells upcycled vintage clothing, niche home goods and other accessories curated from different eras of fashion and style.

Owner Tanya McAnear said the business of operating a vintage shop is about more than just appealing to a niche customer base. Her philosophy considers how everyday purchases contribute to global warming.


"I think especially with climate change, we need to have a conversation around what we're buying and what we're bringing into our home because new things [enable] that manufacturing," McAnear said.

McAnear joined Midday Edition on Thursday with more on what it takes to keep a vintage boutique up and running during a global pandemic.