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Documentary highlights fight for recognition, justice for Filipino American World War II veterans

Photo from the documentary "A Long March" featured in the 2022 GI Film Festival
T.S. Botkin
An undated still from "A Long March." The documentary film was featured in the 2022 GI Film Festival.

“A Long March,” directed by T.S. Botkin, was recently featured at the GI Film Festival. The documentary highlights Filipino American veterans during World War II and how the U.S. Rescission Act of 1946 erased their service and denied their benefits.

Now the fight for recognition and justice continues for Filipino American WWII veterans.

"They want respect. They want to be recognized as having served. So, the Rescission of 1946, when repealed, will right the wrong that was done," said Joe Garbonzos, who is a Regional Deputy Director with The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project and also the California State President of AARP.


Garbonzos joined Midday Edition on Tuesday to talk about how documentaries like "A Long March" help preserve the history of Filipino American WWII veterans.

Corrected: May 26, 2022 at 9:26 PM PDT
Editor’s Note: In the audio of this story, the name of the film was incorrectly called “A Long Walk” on first reference. The name of the film is “A Long March.”