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San Diego chef William Bradley and his third Michelin star

Courtesy of Addison
The Addison restaurant at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar is pictured in this undated photo.

For more than a hundred years, the Michelin star has been an unparalleled sign of achievement in the culinary world. One star is prestigious enough, but only the highest quality restaurants can aspire to a three-star designation. In fact, there are only 14 restaurants in the country with three stars.

And now San Diego is home to one of them.

Addison, located at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, was awarded the third star earlier this month. The restaurant currently serves California gastronomy cuisine and is headed by executive chef William Bradley.


Bradley grew up in Chula Vista and said his palate was set at an early age by the freshness and flavors of the Latin food and culture all around him.

Bradley joined Midday Edition on Monday to talk about what it takes to catch the attention and earn the admiration of the world's most discerning foodies.